About Us

blueEHR founded in the year 2008, is a Health IT platform that focuses on minimizing the cost of healthcare technology globally to empower people to live their life to the fullest.

Why is Healthcare expensive?

It is the technology used by the providers that is expensive and drives the cost of healthcare delivery.

Why is Healthcare expensive?
How do we make healthcare affordable?

How do we make healthcare affordable?

Make the technology inexpensive and affordable. We do that through the blue Health Platform that empowers innovators to build healthcare applications quickly in a cost efficient way.

Our Story

  • Start

    Our Epic started in the year 2008 to serve the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) of medical providers.

  • What we discovered

    While on that initiative we discovered that software and technology for the healthcare industry were not only outdated, but also neither user friendly nor providing value. Most solutions were obsolete and expensive.

  • Future of medicine

    We recognized the future of medicine would rely on technology to make healthcare accessible and affordable, not just in advanced nations but for poorer regions, too.

  • Our plan

    We want to change the world of healthcare – helping healthcare organizations around the world to move beyond their rigid and inflexible health solutions and EHR systems.

  • blueEHR

    We built a Health IT Platform that would enable people to build and deploy their solution quickly.

Where we stand today

Building our business was a learning process. We tried things, learned from mistakes, and have now built one of the most innovative and advanced healthcare technology platforms in the world. We have learned that clients want healthcare technology to work the way they do – so we built it that way, and then allowed our clients around the world to customize it and make it right.

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