Helping practices claim the unclaimed and become financially fit.

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Cloud Infrastructure

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Content Developers

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Are you good with numbers? BIG NUMBERS?

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Can you Increase our competitive advantage by aligning strategy with our people

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IT Infrastructure

Are you passionate about networking?

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Medical Billing

We help practices get their bills paid simple and easy.

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Product Management

Innovation Without Boundaries & Express yourself

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Sales & Marketing

Are you loquacious? Can you sell anything?

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Software Development

Build products that serve the people and serve the future

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Software Implementation

Be the bridge between the product and the customer

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Software Testing

Testers don’t like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work

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Understand the user expectations, and transform the unusable into Usable.

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How we care for YOU

We believe that taking care of our own plays a vital role in serving our mission to serve humanity and enable mankind to live life to the fullest.

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Support for your loved ones - We at blueEHR care for you and your family by providing healthcare plans such as medical insurance and healthy beneficial activities on-premise.

Providing quality time - A healthy mind is what keeps a body healthy. We help our employees spend time off from work to relax and be refreshed.

We help build yourself - Sports and cultural events at blueEHR helps elevate one’s morale.

Rewards and Recognition

Employee reward and recognition programs are one method of motivating employees to change work habits and key behaviors to benefit a small business.

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